Job: Alternative Education A.C.E.S Coordinator

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Openings as of 7/31/2017
Support Staff

  • Alternative Education A.C.E.S Coordinator JobID: 572
  • Position Type:
    Support Staff

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Manson Mesa High School

  • Date Available:

  • Closing Date:
    Open until filled

  •   TITLE: District ACES Coordinator

    SALARY: Depends on Experience

    • Knowledge of:
      • Subject Matter
      • Established curriculum and curriculum trends
      • Laws, rules, policies and trends in instruction
      • Assessment procedures
      • Human development and learning
      • Behavior management
      • Effective communication
    • Ability To:
      • Develop appropriate lessons
      • Develop and implement Governing Board approved curriculum
      • Comply with laws, rules and policies
      • Assess student needs and progress
      • Make appropriate application of learning principles
      • Maintain acceptable student behavior
      • Communicate effectively with students, parents and peers
      • Implement an effective behavioral modification program
      • Ability to work successfully with at risk students

    • Arizona Teaching Certificate or;
    • Experience working with At-Risk Students

    REPORTS TO: District ACES Supervisor

    • Develops and teaches skills and knowledge in one or more courses and/or grade levels utilizing course(s) of study adopted by the Board of Trustees.
    • Under general supervision, to perform a variety of instructional activities with students in an Academic Recovery Center and to support/assist in the conduct of learning experiences and tasks for other instructional personnel.
    • Tutor individual students and small groups of students to reinforce and follow up learning activities as assigned in their core academic classes.
    • Instructs pupils in citizenship, basic communication skills, and other general elements of the course of study specified by state law, board policy, and administrative procedures of the school district.
    • Instructs incoming students in the school policies, guidelines and culture of the school setting.
    • Direct students into safe learning activities and functions, and assist in the shaping of appropriate social behaviors.
    • Maintains proper control and discipline in a positive manner by establishing good, wholesome rapport through healthy, human relationships between individuals involved in the learning processes and in accordance with district policy and procedure.
    • Contacts parents as needed.
    • Realistically evaluates pupil progress, keeps appropriate records, prepares progress reports, and effectively communicates with pupils, teachers, supervisors, and parents.
    • Performs basic attendance accounting and is able to maintain and update computer information which monitors student progress/achievement.
    • Maintains professional competence through participation in professional growth activities.
    • Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health, attitude, and learning problems.
    • Develops lesson plans and instructional materials and provides individualized and/or group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of pupils with varying abilities, attitudes, and cultural backgrounds.
    • Creates, with assistance from pupils, a functional and attractive environment for learning through displays, bulletin boards, and interest centers.
    • Administer and score a variety of criterion referenced and general aptitude tests, and record the test results.
    • Assist in maintaining an orderly, attractive, and positive learning environment.
    • Confer with students, parents and teachers on individual student’s progress in academics, attendance and behavior. Hold conferences as appropriate and serve as referral agent for family, district and community resources when necessary.
    • Provide support group intervention to improve self-confidence, interpersonal skills, problem solving techniques, decision making and coping skills, and behavior management.
    • Develop in-school and community resources/partnerships to promote positive youth development.
    • Provide opportunities for prevention education (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, bullying and harassment).
    • Develop and implement a Character Education Program
    • Performs other related duties as assigned.

    • Annually by the District ACES Supervisor

    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Set annually by the Governing Board


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